2 Fun Ways Kids & Parents Can Color Together!

2 Fun Ways Kids & Parents Can Color Together!

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As an adult, do you still love to color? I find it to be a fantastic stress reliever or some sort of therapy whether it be easy coloring or more advanced coloring for adults.

When my family heads up to our cabin for some R&R, I love to color with my girls. It’s so relaxing, especially on those rainy and cold fall days.

Coloring can easily be forgotten about with technology constantly producing something to distract us from this classic FUN activity. It’s the perfect time to UNPLUG for kids and parents alike!

Do you love coloring?

I love creating coloring pages to just print out and color. So I recently got the idea of creating some fun Halloween coloring pages that you can print out and turn into a Halloween coloring book!  I did this for:

  1. Kids Coloring Pages
  2. Adults Coloring Pages

You can whip out the Crayola crayons or colored pencils. I’ve recently enjoyed using colored pencils or thin-tipped markers for a fuller more advanced look to the coloring pages. To me, it’s more exciting to do it this way vs. those coloring page apps. Don’t get me wrong, those can be fun too, there’s just something about putting your hand to a crayon and watching it fill in those lines. So satisfying!


Maybe it’s just me?

I can’t wait to take mine up north and just color my worries away…hehe

If anything, it’s a fun activity for the whole family this Halloween or any time of year. The younger kiddies, (preschoolers), will enjoy coloring their own pages and watching you color yours! It’s great for their fine motor skills too!

Let’s color together!



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