Crowd Pleaser Recipes For Your Next Dinner Party

Crowd Pleaser Recipes For Your Next Dinner Party

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Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or you just find yourself with extra guests, you want to make sure that you’re able to serve enough food to feed the whole party, while making sure that you’re not excluding anyone. The recipes below are going to make sure that everyone is going to have a good time at your table as these are some of the easiest meals to make for your next dinner party.

Plenty of Pasta

A good crowd-pleaser is one that’s relatively easy to make in bulk. When it comes to those hearty pasta dishes like a good cheesy pasta bake, it’s as easy to make for ten people as it is for two people,  as long as you have the right-sized pot or slow cooker to prepare it in. What’s more, there are very few people who aren’t going to be into a good chicken, bacon, and cheese combo to go with delicious, filling pasta.


Nothing says “home” quite like a stew

One of the best things about a meal that’s meant for a lot of people is that it’s able to effectively welcome them to the table. You don’t want anything that’s difficult to eat or strange to your guests, but something that’s warm, welcoming, and easy to dig into, and that’s precisely what a good stew can provide. What’s more, this instant pot chicken stew is easy to whip up in no time at all.

Make sure you have a vegetarian option

What if someone who is coming to your dinner party is a vegetarian? You could make two meals to make sure that they’re accounted for, or you can make sure that your vegetarian food is delicious enough that your guests aren’t going to notice the absence of meat. There are tons of vegetable curry recipes you can find while making use of any veggies you have in the pantry or fridge already, or you can use some all-rounders like potatoes to soak up the savory taste of the curry so that meat is the furthest thing from the mind.

Nothing like a plate of wings

If you don’t mind keeping things on the more informal side, then there’s nothing as finger-licking good as a good dish of classic buffalo wings. This is especially good if you have an outdoor dining space and the weather is good enough to relax with a plate and dig in. Of course, you want to serve some salad alongside it for a fuller yet nutritious meal.

Don’t forget to leave out wet wipes for each of the guests since buffalo wings tend to be on the messier side. This way they can easily keep their hands clean while indulging in some good wings during your party.

It’s important to remember that, aside from pickiness, you also have to consider dietary requirements. While everyone might love a pot pie, some people might not be able to eat it for one reason or another so get an idea of any dietary needs your guests may have prior to planning your holiday dinner party!


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