How To Get Your Family “In” With The Healthcare Industry

How To Get Your Family “In” With The Healthcare Industry

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Recent world events have many of us looking for ways to increase our income or lower our expenses. If relocating is not an option for you, finding work in the healthcare industry can be a good way to increase your earning power. If you have never worked in healthcare, you may have the best luck taking on a part-time job at an entry-level position and expanding your career over time. The healthcare industry is a high-demand sector that has the potential to drastically raise your family income. Here are some tips to get your family “in” with the healthcare industry.

Build Your Skills On The Job

Even if you start out in an entry-level position, you should push yourself to learn everything you can. You can learn from the doctors and nurses around you and extract all the knowledge you can from your managers.

A lot of entry-level positions allow you to train and learn on the job. For example, you may start out as a Certified Nursing Assistant. In many states, CNA training can be done on the job. There will be a test that you have to take to get your certification, but this certification will travel from state to state.

Once you have started your career, you can gain certifications that will allow you to pass out medications. You can even look for training as a Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN. Each state is different and has different levels of requirements.

Research is critical. If you’re not spending several hours a week researching different positions in the healthcare industry, you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities. There are accounting and finance departments, insurance agents, human resource positions, and countless others within the healthcare industry. If you’re more interested in the business end of healthcare, you may search for keywords containing, healthcare administration jobs near me that you may be able to train toward for your career. Keep an open mind. There are many parts to the healthcare industry, and every position is in high demand.

Look For Free Training

Once your employer is happy with you, let it be known that you’re willing to advance. If you’re a CNA, see if you can help out in the physical therapy or occupational therapy space. CNAs offer personal care, such as

  • bathing
  • dressing
  • feeding

If you’re interested in patient care but don’t want to be quite so hands-on, time in the OT or PT department can help you narrow your scope and target your education and training.

Never Stop Applying

There is currently a shortage of healthcare workers. Job pressure and risk will likely contribute to greater shortages over time. If you are interested in staying in the field, taking on more responsibility, and learning more, it is likely that you can find employers who are willing to help pay for seminars and classes that can help you expand your skill set and your income.

Of course, the pressures that are causing these worker shortages will likely start to impact you over time. As your family grows, take the time to carefully review your work goals. Your ability to work 10-hour shifts may fade if you and your partner have or adopt children. An ailing parent may require more of your time. Keep your career in perspective so you can maintain an excellent level of care.

Watch Out For Health Issues

One of the big challenges for those offering hands-on care in the healthcare field is that their own bodies start to break down. Constant walking will take a toll on your knees and feet. Lifting patients and managing medical equipment will eventually be hard on your back.

Building your skillset and your training can increase your value to your employer without putting extreme pressure on your body. Before you injure your back or need a knee brace, take a look at jobs in the industry that offer a similar satisfaction as a caregiver without a great deal of pressure on your body or immune system.

If you are by nature a teacher, you may gain great job satisfaction training other caregivers. If you’re naturally a numbers person, moving into healthcare administration may be a better choice for you.

Guard Your Time Away From The Job

Moving into the healthcare field to be a better provider for your family may not be a positive career choice if it means you never see your family. Do your best to protect your time at home. This may mean that you need to move from an emergency room position to a 9 to 5 doctor’s office when your children are young.

Of course, planning is the key to such a move. If you know that your family is going to be growing over the next few years, changing your specialty with increased education could be a good choice now to lower the pressure on your spouse and be available for your children.

The healthcare industry is not without risks. However, this training can serve you in every state of the union. If travel appeals, taking on the role of a traveling nurse may be a positive financial boost for your family.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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