From Mama to Blogpreneur- My New PDF eBook!

From Mama to Blogpreneur- My New PDF eBook!

I am excited to say that my mini eBook, From Mama to Blogpreneur, is finally completed! YAY!

Basically, I started this eBook project quite some time ago,

but due to life demands, Covid in my family, and battling depression, I could never seem to finish it. But it’s finished and with MANY changes.

In the eBook, I talk about how I evolved into a mama blogpreneur since 2005, after I lost my full-term, newborn son. I even visit my life prior to becoming a mama. It’s a small but meaty eBook and I think you will really enjoy it, especially if you are a mama looking to be at home with your kiddies.

With that said…

Do you have the desire to work from home and be with your kiddies?

Maybe you are considering homeschooling them and want to run a business, whatever your desire, my hope is that this eBook will inspire you to take the leap into becoming a better version of yourself.

It’s been many years of finding myself and I’m ready to share it with my readers.

Right now, From Mama to Blogpreneur is in the form of a PDF eBook guide so you are able to download and read it on any device or even print it if you need it. The next goal is to get it published on Kindle, in print, etc.

If interested in taking a peek, you can check it out in Mama’s Download Shop, my brand-new digital shop! It’s currently in the soft launch stage, but you are still able to make purchases. 😉

Feel free to check it out! I’m definitely proud of it. From Mama to Blogpreneur has come a LONG way!

Lindsey Jenn

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