5 Outdoor Activities That Don’t Require Worrying About Mosquitoes

5 Outdoor Activities That Don’t Require Worrying About Mosquitoes

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Mosquitos are annoying pests that can ruin an otherwise perfectly good day outside. Although they tend to pop up in greater numbers during periods of high humidity and rain, they can also linger well into the next sunny days. When you want to spend time outside without worrying about these disease-spreading pests, try these activities to reduce your risk of having to swat away insects.

Grow a Mosquito-Repelling Garden

Gardening is a meditative activity that has benefits for both your body and mind. Whether you enjoy growing your own food or just love admiring colorful flowers, there are several plants that are known for repelling mosquitos. Try adding lavender or marigolds to your garden for a pop of color that deters mosquitos from hanging around. Rosemary is another great option that you can also use to season your food.

Encourage Your Family to Run Through Misters

Mosquitoes are known for breeding in stagnant water, but they are naturally repelled by moving droplets. Since they can’t fly well through water-filled air, turning on some misters and sprinklers is a great way to keep them out of a specific area. With the kids running through the misters, they’re less likely to get bitten compared to just playing on the dry ground.

Shield Your Outdoor Party from Mosquitos

Weddings, birthday parties, and other celebrations are commonly held outdoors where there is more space to entertain a crowd. Unfortunately, mosquitoes often flock to areas where they sense a large amount of body heat. Local companies like Mosquito Shield of Greater Oklahoma City can use special treatments a day before the event that blocks mosquitoes from entering the party area. Just let the technician know where the party’s at, and they’ll create an invisible shield that repels and kills mosquitos.

Create a Barrier for Backyard Cookouts

Outdoor kitchens make it possible to turn even a simple meal into a nature-filled adventure. You can also use the same shielding strategy that you would for a big event to block mosquitos from visiting your back porch. Being able to step outside and enjoy preparing a meal for your family and friends makes cooking feel more like an adventure.

Relax Near Your Favorite Water Feature

On a warm, sunny day, there is something amazing about just spending time lounging by a flowing water feature on your lawn. Keeping the water moving helps to keep mosquitoes at bay, and you can also use special briquettes to stop them from breeding in the water. Having a mosquito-free waterfall to sit near as you meditate or spend time working in the garden is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day.

Life doesn’t have to revolve around avoiding mosquito bites. In fact, many of the most popular activities are possible when you take a few precautions to minimize the risk of mosquitoes showing up. From going swimming to hosting a backyard BBQ, removing concerns about mosquitos allows you to dive into your favorite activities without feeling stressed.

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