How To Host A Great Gender Reveal Party

How To Host A Great Gender Reveal Party

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Many people love the idea of a gender reveal party. They like the fact that they can announce their big news in a such a fun way, and they love that they can celebrate with friends and family. 

Yet in order to have a gender reveal party that’s fun and memorable for the right reasons, you need to start planning well in advance—perhaps even before you actually know the gender if you really want to be on top of things. With this in mind, here are some of the elements you’ll want to consider when you’re planning this unique celebration. 

Choose A Theme

You might want to stick with tradition and opt for a pink or blue theme, depending on the gender on the baby. However, if you do this, you’ll give away the surprise right from the start, so it might be wise to decorate in both pink and blue to keep the suspense going. 

However, you could choose a different theme altogether. You might want to try animals, cars, or dinosaurs, or anything else that works for you and that you’re interested in. Or perhaps you’ll forget about tradition (until the reveal itself) and decorate in green or yellow. No matter what, until you decide on a theme, you can’t buy any supplies, so you’ll need to make a decision. 

Choose A Venue 

The venue can be the hardest part of organizing a gender reveal party. That’s not because it’s hard to find one, but because it’s hard to find one with availability. You generally won’t find out the gender of your baby until about twenty weeks, which only gives you a limited time to find a place to hold your party, assuming you don’t want to host it at home. 

One way to get past this issue is to buy gender home tests that can be done as early as seven weeks into the pregnancy. This gives you a lot more time to book a venue that actually suits the party you want to throw and the number of people you want to invite. 

Think About Food and Drink

Whether you’re catering the party yourself, hiring caterers to do it for you, or the food and drink comes with the venue package you’ve chosen, you’ll still need to have some input into what you offer your guests in terms of refreshments. 

You might want to stick with your theme and choose food that works with whatever color you’ve chosen, or perhaps you just want to provide a buffet-style table where everyone can help themselves. It might even be nice to have a sit-down meal for your guests, as this can make the event into much more of an occasion. Think about how you’ll serve the food, where people will eat, and, of course, ensure you’re thinking about any dietary restrictions which you’ll need to determine before you start organizing the menu. 

Will You Have Entertainment? 

A gender reveal party doesn’t have to have entertainment; it can be a simple event where friends and family come together to celebrate the big news. However, if you do want entertainment, entertainment is something you should definitely have. 

You could hire a band, for example, and you can also organize some fun games that adults and children will enjoy. If you can tie them into the gender reveal itself, that’s even better. 

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