Top 4 Reasons to Homeschool Your Children

Top 4 Reasons to Homeschool Your Children

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Did you know that in the past 20 years, an increasing number of parents are pulling their children away from school and choosing to homeschool? It’s not a surprise. When you look at the statistics of safety in schools, children are better protected under the roof of their parents. But doesn’t mean that homeschooling in any sense is easy. 

Not only is it difficult to try and home educate children when you have a full-time job, trying to keep them engaged and away from the school environment is also not easy. So many things in our lives are geared towards putting our children in the school systems and allowing them to learn by rote.

But with new systems such as those created by Learn Bright, children can learn at home with the help of their parents and still manage to come out of their school years with an excellent education. The homeschooling communities near you are very positive and proactive, and you’d be surprised how many parents are fiercely protective of their educational choices for their children. Here are some of the reasons you should say yes to home education and keep your children protected.

1. School is not the only place that children will ever learn anything.

If you’ve taken your children to a scout group or to an after-school club, then you already know that school is not the only place for learning. Homeschooling can allow your child’s education to be flexible, responsive and tailored to their learning choice.

Sitting them in a classroom with 30 other children to learn in the exact same way isn’t going to work. Perhaps your child doesn’t know how to climb a tree, but neither does a fish and you wouldn’t judge A fish.

2. With home education, they learn at their own pace.

Some parents believe that homeschooled children will learn easier because they’re in an environment that gives them the time that they need. The reason it takes so long for children to get from the start to the end of high school is because the days are structured according to learning time for a large group of kids.

When you are teaching your child more on a one-on-one basis and with the help of tutors, they will be able to get through the curriculum that has been set much faster which means that they can graduate high school earlier.

3. There’s much less pressure.

You can still put your children through their paces with government led exam sessions, and they can still get their GED, but homeschooling gives them the environment to learn one on one. This means that they’re going to be able to be more relaxed in their environment, without the fear of being judged by those around them and receiving more opportunities for help.

4. It’s a safe option.

If your children have had negative experiences at school, then homeschooling is a great way to avoid bullying and violence. We have seen the well documented news reports of gun violence in schools today, and it’s a good reason to stay at school and keep your children at home.

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