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Michigan Friends of Education Offers Free Book Program

Have you ever heard of Michigan Friends of Education? “It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the community, especially for Michigan families who cannot afford to buy books for their children.” Their aim for higher literacy is very commendable. I am so pleased to be sharing this information with you regarding this program.

Little Passports New Year’s Eve Festivities

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year! As people in the United States start the new year with fireworks, parades, and resolutions, people around the world are also doing everything they can to welcome 2014. Join Sam and Sofia of Little Passports as they visit friends in other countries to see how they start the year!

Disney’s Frozen Printables for Kids

If your kids LOVED Disney’s Frozen, they will love these free printables! From “Build a Snowman” to mazes and coloring pages, these activities will keep your child engaged and happy since it has to do with Disney’s most popular characters of the year.

Hidden Gems in Disney’s Frozen

You may have noticed just recently some pictures floating around the Internet of hidden images or hidden gems in the movie Frozen. Have you spotted them? Disney sent over these images to share with my readers. See if you noticed these. I can honestly say that I didn’t notice any of them. I will be sure to keep an eye out the next time. Enjoy!

Little Passports 15% Off Sale

Little Passports is offering 15% off all of their subscriptions, which means you can buy a 1 year subscription and save almost $20! If you place an order before December 17th, you qualify for holiday delivery, meaning you can have your first package arrive by December 24th or before! (Hello stocking stuffer!!)