13 Favorite Cartoon Picks from the 80’s & 90’s! Do you Remember These?

As 2014 is approaching, {and very quickly I might add}, I find myself living in constant nostalgia from being a youngster.  My hubby and I were reminiscing TV shows from the 1980’s and 1990’s. Some of them you may remember and some you may have forgotten about.

I had such a blast doing this that I dug up 13 of my absolute favorites, {in random order}, on YouTube that I think you may get a kick out of. Get ready to flashback into kiddie-land if you were a child of the 80’s and 90’s! If you have a favorite not listed in my list, feel free to share. Enjoy!

#1. The Care Bears

#2. Ewoks

#3. The Muppet Babies

#4. My Little Pony

#5. Rainbow Bright

#6. Shirt Tales

#7. Jem

#8. Strawberry Shortcake

#9. Smurfs

# 10. Gummy Bears

#11. Tailspin

#12. Duck Tales

#13. Animaniacs

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