Kiddie Stuff

Blurb Children’s Gifts

There’s something about the holidays—that warm glow from the fire, the fact that you actually get to spend time with your kids (or your friends’ and family’s kids)—that makes it the perfect time to curl up with the little ones in your life and read them a storybook.

7 Tips to Stop Bullying

It’s roughly three months into the school year. By now, friendships have been established and the same groups of kids can be seen hanging out day-after-day with each other. According to noted bullying prevention expert Brooks Gibbs, it’s about this time in the school year when we typically start to hear more about bullying.

Frog Trouble {Giveaway}

Today is the official release day for the adorable music video “Alligator Stroll” by Josh Turner. The song is from New York Times bestselling songbook and CD, FROG TROUBLE (Workman Publishing; September 3, 2013) by Sandra Boynton.