Omax3 Ultra-Pure Supplement:Review/Giveaway

Hello Michigan business moms.  This morning I would like to share with you a product that I was recently introduced to for review and a possible giveaway opportunity.

Robin Leedy and Associates sent a product to my home that I think you may be interested in: Omax3 Ultra-Pure Supplements.  These easy to swallow soft gels were “developed by Physicians from Yale University.

The Ultra-Pure Omega-3 Supplements offer “maximum concentration and purity to lower Triglycerides and manage Cholesterol.”  As women, we know how important these types of supplements are to our overall health and well being.  Some of you may also know the importance of EPA/DHA.  These two together support the body’s normal inflammation response.  I know that I was familiar with DHA as this is also found in infant formula’s such as Enfamil and even breast milk to support eye and brain development in babies.

I have tried Omax3 Ultra-Pure supplements for almost two weeks along with my daily vitamin supplement.  Okay moms, how many of you have taken an Omega supplement in the past like within prenatal vitamins and have experienced those nasty fish burps?  I know this is blunt, haha but it’s the truth.  I remember experiencing it often and it was just down right nasty.  Even not being pregnant continual use of Omega’s are important, but who wants to experience those fish burps?  This was my most major concern with the product alone.  Honestly, it was just the very first time taking them that I experienced this nasty taste.  After the second day, it was no longer present and going on week 2, there are still no fish burps.  Ha, nice right?

These Omega supplements are indeed easy to swallow.  You are supposed to take two a day with a meal.  I have done one with breakfast, my vitamin supplement with lunch, then the second Omax2 Ultra-Pure supplement with dinner.  Though I don’t feel different since I already eat right and exercise daily, I at least know I am reinforcing my health by using this fabulous product.

Are you interested in lowering your Triglycerides and managing your cholesterol?  Keep in mind Omax3 is free from heavy metals, contaminants, and fullers.  They claim that there are no purer Omega-3 supplements available.  If you would like to receive a free box of Omax3 Ultra Pure Supplements like I did, comment below.  The first to comment will receive a free box.  And that’s it!  Easy right?  To learn more about what this product can do for your body, view this informational video below.

*Review/Giveaway was done under Robin Leedy &Associates and Giveaway Blogs.  Michigan Home Mommy Work’s is not affiliated with this company in any way.  My review of this particular product is solely my own. Any images or videos used in this post are courtesy of Robin Leedy & Associates.

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Lindsey Jenn

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