Meet Melissa Buckles: Bargain Shopper Mom

Melissa Buckles

Hello Michigan moms and visiting readers.  I am so excited to be doing feature mom posts again.  It is a passion to be able showcase moms and their businesses so that they may gain that extra exposure, especially Michigan moms.
I would like to introduce to you an amazing woman who also happens to be a mother and an all around mompreneur in my book.  Everyone, I would like for you to meet: Melissa Buckles.

Melissa is a full time mom and bargain hunter. She has two little girls ages 10 & 7. She has always loved to shop and find the best price on anything and everything. Melissa isn’t always frugal, but she rarely pays full price. She loves to shop online with coupon codes especially when they stack! She has a weakness for cute age appropriate children’s clothing, but shops flash sale sites and sales to help her money go farther.

Melissa wants to help others learn how to live a better life on a budget. The website provides daily posts including general savings tips, great deals, fashion for mom & kids, money-saving coupons, recipes, reviews, giveaways and much more.  Check it out, you will love it!!!!

Bargain Shopper Mom

In addition to the website, Melissa also teaches “Savings Workshops in Metro Detroit.”  She currently teaches a Grocery Savings Class where attendees learn how to save over 50% at the grocery store. Melissa also has an upcoming Holiday Spending Class that will teach attendees tips and tricks to stretch the holiday budget even more this shopping season.  I’m thinking I might one to jump on this one, sounds awesome.  Who needs to learn how to budget more for the Holiday season?  ME!

Melissa also loves to give back and offers her classes as a fundraiser for local groups, PTOs and more.   All your group has to do is provide the space and promote the class to those you know and she will teach the class, provide amazing workbooks, and help people save money.  Your group will receive ALL the profits from the class entrance fee!  This provides a great value to the attendees and is an easy money maker for your group!  SUPER!

Be sure to fill out the quick and easy survey to let her know of your group’s interest.

The best way to get in on all the great deals and money saving advice is to subscribe to Bargain Shopper Mom by email that way, all the bargains will come right to your inbox.

Additionally, you can connect with her over at the Bargain Shopper Mom Facebook page or with Twitter.

I want to personally thank Melissa for allowing me to showcase her and her awesome Michigan business today.  It was an absolute delight.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out her website, please do, It rocks!  I can’t wait to utilize the site as a mom always looking for deals and cutting costs.  The classes sound amazing too.  If you would be interested in signing up for one of her classes, I would love to get a group together if possible.  Let me know your thoughts.

Many Blessings!

Images courtesy of Melissa Buckles/Bargain Shopper Mom

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