Meet Channing Banks with Rock My ABC’s Review/Giveaway

Happy Monday Michigan moms and visiting readers.  I have a fun review/giveaway this week perfect for your toddler/preschooler and just in time for Christmas!  Before I do the review,  I am so excited to share this mompreneur with you, after all, this is the foundation of Michigan Home Mommy Works.  So exciting!  Meet:

Channing Banks

Channing Banks is an International dance artist born and raised in the U.S. She is the mother of two young children as well as a respected dance artist/singer overseas with charted hits and a school teacher for a decade.

“When my daughter was born, I looked around for some children’s car music that would be educational for her yet nice to listen to and I didn’t  find all too much, Channing explains, “Then when my son was born, I set out to make a children’s music CD for his first birthday present.  I would put the kids to bed, hang out with my husband and when we went to bed too, I would start working.  Nights and nights I worked to get it done, but I finished it by his birthday and was so happy to give him his gift.”  Channing Banks

The CD just happened to be a gift that kept on giving with positive feedback from fellow parents. Rock My ABC’s became available to the rest of the world today, December 3rd. Congrats Channing!  In 2013, Channing plans to tour behind Rock My ABC’s, with a full production.

Right now as I type this, my girls are listening to Rock My ABC’s and I must say, I love it.  My preschooler seems to really enjoy it.  My girls love the song: My Daddy Is A Superhero.  It’s so precious!  Here are the list of songs in order on the CD that have a fun yet modern sound:

  1. Rock My ABC’s
  2. Birthday Special Day
  3. Brush Brusha
  4. Different People
  5. The Colors of My Rainbow
  6. My Daddy is a Superhero
  7. Fruits and Vegetables
  8. Let’s All Count
  9. I Like to Play With my Friends
  10. Jungle Noises
  11. My Mommy Loves Me
  12. Sweet Dreams

Stream Rock My ABC’s here

I can honestly say, that all of the songs have a fun beat that toddlers and preschoolers will love.  My preschooler is dancing away right now! HAHA!  Thanks so much to Channing Banks for allowing me the chance to listen and rock out to this CD with my girls, it was a blast!

There is currently one CD: Rock My ABC’s available to give away to one reader here on Michigan Home Mommy Works. This CD also contains Channing Banks autograph.  Extra perk! This giveaway is for U.S. residents only ages 18+.  Just enter through Rafflecopter below!

Ready to just purchase a CD? Visit for details.

Have a wonderful week.

Michigan Home Mommy Works received a copy of Rock My ABC’s for review in exchange for this post, however, all opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Images courtesy of Channing Banks

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  1. Oh now you've dated me. We didn't have CDs when I was a kid. My favorite was my VINYL records. I had a sesame street birthday record I use to play all the time!

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