Michigan Home Mommy Works Giveaway Bundle

UPDATE: Congratulations Lisa Duggan!

Well, we did it! We hit over 300 Facebook fans as a goal for this fabulous giveaway.  Michigan Mom businesses have donated products for this bundle! You most definitely will want to enter this one.

What is exactly included in this awesome bundle?

  • 1 Flexi Clip ($16 value) donated by Lilla Rose Consultant Kimberly Cahoon
  • 1 Cellooxylin Hydro-Burst Moisture Intense Cleanse and 1 Lotion (both 7.4 oz.) $76 value by Apriori Beauty Consultant Tracie Schroeder
  • 2 purse size hand creams, 2 lip balms, 1 purse size antibacterial hand gel, 1 Avon makeup-remover, and 1 Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus (insect repellent and water resistant with disappearing color) (Value $14) by Avon Consultant Lisa Schmidt
  • 1 Crochet Animal/Character hat by Jodi Rodriguez of Newborn Noggins
  • Design Barretts by Natalie Byrne of Tail Feather Design Barrettes.  Mitten, flowers, birds, etc. ($100 Value). Quantity will be determined by giveaway sponsor

If you are a registered customer for Lilla Rose, please do not enter as this is against their policy.  If these also apply to Avon and Apriori Beauty, please do not enter at this time, thank you.

The picture images above are an idea of what is being given away.  Please refer to the quantity in the list above.  The Newborn Noggins photo was created by Michigan Home Mommy Works (no reflection of Newborn Noggins) just to give you an idea of what is being given away since there is no actual product pic.

One winner will be randomly selected for the giveaway bundle. For the Flexi Clip, the winner will be given email address to contact Lilla Rose Rep to chose color of Flexi Clip. Because the photo doesn’t showcase all of the Flexi Clips, please ask what the available colors are in your contact email. All prizes will be shipped separately from each mom business.   Please be sure to read the terms and conditions within the widget below before entering, very important. Example: Michigan Home Mommy Works is not responsible for shipping delays and/or damaged products. Direct communication with giveaway sponsors and winner will be made available.

This is a “Michigan only” giveaway, so please spread the word.  So excited!

A big thank you to our giveaway sponsors:

  • Lilla Rose
  • Apriori Beauty
  • Avon
  • Newborn Noggins
  • Tail Feather Design (Barrettes)

UPDATE: Photos of crochet hat and barrettes begin given away:

    Stay tuned for an upcoming “Metro Detroit” giveaway!

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