JAWS Cleaners Review/Giveaway #2


I am so excited to be doing another review/giveaway for JAWS cleaning products.  This time there is a 4th cleaning product added to the mix with an awesome deal you want to take advantage of:

  • JAWS Glass and Hard Surface Cleaner
  • JAWS Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
  • JAWS Bathroom Cleaner/Deoderizer
  • JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner Degreaser

I love these non-toxic cleaning products.  They contain no harsh chemicals and you get to reuse the spray bottles with cartridges.  How does it work? Use up one JAWS bottle, then refill it with tap water and insert the cartridge, screw on the lid and you have a second bottle of cleaner!  Refill cartridges are available in a separate two-pack.

Basically the JAWS line will clean from kitchen to bathroom.  I have been using these products for quite some time and I can honestly say, I will not be using anything else.  They clean effectively and thoroughly without having to worry about unhealthy fumes, etc. 

The JAWS Disinfectant Cleaner/Degreaser is new to our household and I love it!  It gets the job done and that’s what is important.  The scents are delicate yet leaving the house feeling fresh and inviting.

JAWS set of four is valued at $20 per set.  They are currently having a BOGO sale on JAWS cleaners April 14-27 at Busch’s and April 8-21 at Hiller’s (www.jawscleans.com) It is normally $4.99 a bottle at each store (with one refill included).  The sale is a BOGO at each store, so it’s $2.49 a bottle with the included refill.  This sale is on all 4 JAWS cleaners as mentioned above.

In honor of these awesome cleaning products, the friends of JAWS would like to giveaway a set to one of our readers.  Just enter the giveaway through Rafflecopter below.  Please be sure to read the terms and conditions before entering the actual giveaway.  Those are included within the widget.

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Happy entering!

Disclaimer: Michigan Home Mommy Works received a set of 4 JAWS Cleaners in exchange for this review/giveaway.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

If you are interested in Michigan Home Mommy Works in doing a review/giveaway here on the blog with a product, service, etc., please contact me at lindsey@michiganhomemommyworks.com. I look forward to working with you.

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  1. I currently use a Lysol spray in the kitchen and Scrubbing Bubbles in the bathroom. I would happily switch to something healthier if it meant I didn't have to spend my life savings on the product and that it cleans just as good.

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