Turn Photo Memories into Books

Michigan moms!  Are you looking for inexpensive ways to share all of your summer vacation memories?  Blurb currently has 4 photo books under $20:

You can turn Facebook photos into a book.  How cool is that? Blurb is definitely onto something as Facebook is so popular with the mom crowd.  We all love photos, right?  Especially when it comes to our kids and family.  I definitely plan on getting a Blurb book in the future, I just haven’t decided what route to take as of yet.

Have a blog?  You can also have your blog turned into a book as well.  This caught my attention for my homeschooling blog.  Would love to have all those photo memories turned into a book. It would be great to purchase one for all 3 girls when they are grown.

Have you ever heard of Blurb?  If not, you definitely should check them out.  Such neat options and ideas available for you to utilize. Guess what? It won’t break the bank either.  This is a definite plus.

Have you ever used Blurb?  Would love for you to share your experience in the comment box way below this post.

Lindsey Jenn

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