Mom Biz Series Part 2: Gaining Followers and Fans

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I hope you enjoyed the Michigan Mom Biz Series so far.  Last week we covered Persistence and Dedication in utilizing Social Media Management. This week I would like to share thoughts and ideas on how to gain followers and fans for your business.

Believe it or not, how you use the social media will influence your followers and fans.  We all want to gain fans for our business or followers for our blogs, etc., right?  I have a wonderful friend (who happens to be a social media guru), who taught me that it’s important to keep your fans and followers engaged.  But guess what?  Not always through promoting your business day in and day out.  Sure, do it once a day, but the other times in the day, be sure to research fun pictures, fun facts, resources, etc.  I have learned you can easily turn off a follower or a fan by self-promoting all the time.  If you think about it, that can get pretty old.  Make it about variety when sharing on your social media platforms.

Have you ever noticed on Facebook that there are  competitions with businesses trying to reach a certain amount of fans through ladders, etc.?  While all of this can be great, it’s also a very risky thing to do.  A new fan that clicks “Like” to your Facebook page may not really know anything about your business.  They just clicked “Like” to benefit the ladder.  They might not even care about what your business is about as long as you “Like” them back.  Who can relate to this?  I have fallen victim to ladders and learned the hard way.  In one day if you gain say 6 new followers, you could end up only keeping one of them.  Wow, right?  You’re better off gaining a fan who finds you based on your services and is interested in utilizing them rather than someone who doesn’t.  So having only 10 fans may be better than having 100. 10 dedicated fans could be bringing you all the business, while 100 fans that know nothing about your services will bring nothing in.  Which would you rather have? Very profound.  A lesson learned on my end.

Facebook ladders are when you tag your business in the comment section of a post and others do the same.  Everyone in the comment ladder scrolls over the tagged business where they can then click “like” without even going into your business page and looking around.

HootSuite - Social Media Management System

What about Twitter?  Don’t just post about your business on Twitter.  Interact with followers by sharing their posts and acknowledging them.  Other businesses love this.  If you use the proper #hashtags (only 1-2 of them), other businesses out there will potentially find you and presto, you have a new follower.  I have started using this method.  I tweet one thing about my business and the other two (throughout the day), I tweet fun info that I find through someone else’s tweets.  Since I started doing that I gained 500 Twitter followers in just a month a half.  Such a nice surprise!

Another great way to gain followers and fans is through the wonderful world of Pinterest.  This is an excellent way to get noticed by sharing fun ideas.  Other businesses and individuals will start pinning your info.  Pinterest to me is the most exciting and fun way to gain followers and fans and even potential clients or customers.

If you stay persistent and dedicated to gaining your followers and fans, the results will be beneficial and rewarding.

Do you have some tips and tricks on how to gain fans and followers successfully?  Please share any info you have with us.

Stay tuned next week when I cover different marketing methods for our businesses.

Lindsey Jenn

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