A Healthier You

A Healthier You

Disclaimer:  “I am not a doctor or any type of healthcare professional, but a concerned mom looking out for the best for my family for a safer household. The advice and suggestions I give are from personal experience and advice from other moms who prefer living a healthier lifestyle.”   


Becoming healthy and taking care of your body is sure the RAVE these days.  Eating right and exercising are a huge part of the American way.  People are counting calories, reading product labels and finding the perfect exercise program.  These are all great ways to keep your health in check, but there is also another piece to this puzzle of health a lot of consumers are not aware of.  Ever worry about what you are putting ON your body is as important as what you’re putting IN your body?

One of the primary ways toxins enter your body is through your skin.  Your skin is like a sponge.  (That is why Patch Technology for medication deliver is so popular right now.)  You should be very concerned about what you lather on your skin because the average store personal care products (lotions, shampoos, cosmetics, etc) are preserved and kept on the shelf compliments of a formaldehyde which is a cheap preservative that has been linked to cancer.   Most typical store brand cosmetic and skin care products also utilize other ingredients such as lead, parabens, phythlates, mercury and other ingredients that are cheap to use to keep the cost low for retail distributors (like your big box stores).   Cheap products are very appealing for retail distributors and unfortunately, our health is compromised in all of this.

What can you do to avoid these toxic products??  First of all…Shop from responsible manufacturers who pride themselves in providing quality ingredients and check out your local health food store to see what they have to offer.  And last but not least, educate yourself and others on how you can shop healthier.


Cynthia Tait

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