Olivia Capone Myers Shares Her Top 12 Holiday Gifts!!

Olivia Capone Myers Shares Her Top 12 Holiday Gifts!!

This holiday season, Olivia Capone Myers, Design Director for Destination Maternity Corporation shares her top 12 gifts for expecting mom and baby.

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1.Magnificent Baby Gown, $32

Magnificent Baby is fabulous baby clothing company. The magnetic closure feature makes dressing your baby so much easier and faster.


2.Basq Fresh Facial Set, $54

PEA Basq Fresh Face Kit.jpg

Basq is a nutrient rich, gentle, effective skincare line. The products smell great and they leave your skin soft and refreshed.


3.Cashmere Slippers From Sweet Chic By Ghibi Woman, $38

PEA Cashmere Slippers From Sweet Chic By Ghibi Woman, 89489-05, GRAY.jpg

These soft, comfortable slippers are a great gift for the mom-to-be.


4.Bonnie Marcus holiday Gift Maternity Tee, $30


These new fun, fashionable, festive, sparkling original t-shirt designs from Bonnie Marcus are perfect for wrapping and putting under the tree.


5.AG Jeans Secret Fit Belly® 5 Pocket Maternity Jeans, $235

Denim is a maternity must-have for the mom-to-be. These skinny leg AG Jeans will keep any expecting mom looking sexy.


6.Long Sleeve Button Detail Maternity Sweater, $34.98

Side-ruched tops are a staple item for the mom-to-be. They look and feel great on especially paired with a hot pair of jeans like the AG Jeans Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Maternity Jeans.


7.Willow and Clay Long sleeve French Terry Zipper Detail Maternity Sweatshirt, $79.50

PEA Willow and Clay Sweatshirt.jpg

The luxe sweatshirt is one of the hottest trends this fall and mom-to-be will look super cute in this Willow and Clay sweatshirt with zipper detail.


8.Shearling Trim Maternity Robe, $79.50

This is a beautiful, comfy robe that will keep the mom-to-be toasty warm on a cold wintery night.


9.Sophie Giraffe Bath Toy, $14.50

Sophie The Giraffe is every baby’s favorite teether. Now your baby can use it in the tub.


10.Jessica Simpson March of Dimes Bracelet, $2


The holidays are a great time to give back! $1 from every $2 bracelet sold will benefit the March of Dimes to support stronger, healthier babies. This bracelet would make a perfect stocking stuffer.


11.Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow, $59.99

It’s important for the mom-to-be to make sure she gets plenty of rest. This total body pillow from Boppy supports the head/neck, tummy, back and hips, which will provide the quality sleep she needs.


12.Edamame Spa, gift card for spa treatment

Expecting moms have so much to prepare for, why not give her a day of pampering at the Edamame Spa with one of our specialized treatments such as the Signature Mom-to-Be Massage.

A big thank you to Olivia for sharing these gifts with us!

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