3 Tips for Organizing a Fresh Slate In the New Year

3 Tips for Organizing a Fresh Slate In the New Year

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So it’s the New Year and I’m sure everyone has made their resolutions (whether or not we’re still working on them is a different story). The start of a new year always feels like a blank slate and there is no better way to get a fresh start than getting organized! De-cluttering your home will leave you feeling accomplished and ready to tackle (or re-tackle) all of your resolutions. Here are 3 organizing tips to kick-start your new year.

1. Closet Clean Out – Old clothes that you don’t wear anymore take up a lot of space. Having less space in your closet and dresser makes doing laundry and putting laundry away more difficult and let’s be honest laundry is hard enough as it is. Use the “Like it, Wear it” rule of thumb, if the answer is no to one or the other, toss it! Bonus: Donate the clothes and you can get a feel good, organized start to the New Year, yay!

2. Paper Pile Up – One of the easiest things to let get out of hand throughout the year is paper. Old work papers, school hand-outs, recipes, print outs, junk mail, bank statements – we all have papers that pile up. Take a moment to sit down and sort through all of it. Most of it is trash, overwhelming trash, but trash. Recycle it or reuse as scrap paper for the craft bin. If it is something sensitive or important like a bank statement, bill, or credit card offer, be sure to shred it.  You will feel so much better starting off your year by getting the junk out the way instead of ignoring it.

3. Tidy up the Toys – The holidays have come and gone and I’m sure everyone in your house is enjoying their new toys (be it big or little kid toys). Now would be a great time to go through the toys of Christmas past and figure out which ones can be phased out. If a toy has a layer of dust on it that might be a clue that it’s time to be shuffled off to the island of misfit toys (aka the thrift store, consignment shop, hand-me-downed, etc.).  Limiting the potential amount of mess to be made is helpful to everyone.


There are, of course, other areas that you could organize to get your year off on the right foot, but these have a high effort to impact ratio. The New Year is supposed to be a fresh slate so give a running start by getting organized. De-cluttering your home will create an organized feeling for your day-to-day life. What are ways that you like create a clean slate for  the New Year?

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