A Michigan Mom’s Winter: Are You Used to It?

A Michigan Mom’s Winter: Are You Used to It?

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Okay Michigan moms, if you were born and raised here in the good ol’ state of Michigan, say I!  I mean you are actually a true Michigander where blue or green are running through your veins along with the cold winter temps. {Okay, that’s a little much as I’m not a die-hard Michigan sports fan though I think my veins are freezing up, brrr }…wait, do you like sports and freezing temps? Ha! Okay, I really was going somewhere with this….hold on a sec!

I interrupt this blog to give you a very important message:

Congrats to MSU for winning the Rose Bowl! I am a true Wolverine’s fan yet very proud of State! The better team won! Go Spartans!

Back to your regularly scheduled blog:

Wow, sorry, got off track there for a moment, haha, but just giving recognition where recognition is due. I think the cold winter temps have given me a brain freeze….Not! Says with 90’s sarcasm. Forgive me, I think I need a long winter’s nap. Rambling….

If you woke up this past week actually used to the cold temperatures that this time of year brings along with all of the white fluffy stuff blanketing the grass and streets, you are living a Michigan mom’s winter.

I think I noticed a few toys that were left outside in the yard have now been buried in the snow! Yup, that’s Michigan and as a mom that has lived here all my life, I can honestly say that this is the norm and I don’t freak out when the first snow fall arrives, especially when it comes to the roadways…and guess what?  I hate the snow!…..Wait, what? I said I am used to it, I didn’t say I love it.  It is gorgeous to watch from inside though and okay, the kids love it. {Inserting a wink ;)}

BUT, to prove if you are truly a Michigan mom used to the cold winter snow and temps, see if you do any of these…….Yeah, I’m guilty of one of these, okay ALL of these….c’mon be truthful now…hehehe!  Keep in mind,  these are just exaggerations to get a point across, or are they? Gotta have fun sometimes…..

~When in a hurry and the wind chill has dropped you are not too worried that your child has lost a mitten, a hat, or scarf.  And boots?  Eh, kids love snow! They will survive walking a few minutes from here to there. Haha!

~You’d think that you would be out every single day starting the car to get it nice and warm for the kiddies, but realistically you just want to get in the car and go.  The kids can breathe on their hands until the heat in the car warms them up. Yup, the gloves went missing again.

~You still buy ice cream for a yummy family treat.  Hot chocolate is overrated….;)

~You take your kids sledding for 2-3 hours.  Who cares if the snot on their faces have become icicles, as long as they are having fun, right?

~You ignore the fact that your child just shoved a mouthful of snow into their mouth.  I think I just saw a shade of yellow….WAIT!!!

~You walk around the house in bare feet.  So what if they are turning purple.  And so what if my 4-year-old has on a summer dress dancing around the living room like a princess while it’s -5 outside. (Wait, I thought I put those away for the winter……hmmmm….at least we have heat.)

~You forgot something in your car (for those with detached garages) and you don’t even bother throwing on a coat and boots.  You throw your feet halfway into shoes you see sitting by the door and head outside like it’s 80 degrees outside. {Twirling and singing “The hills are alive“…..}


I think I heard some giggles, some LOL’s, some whines, and maybe even some ugh, that’s terrible just now. Here’s mine…..Hehe, LOL, Whine, Ugh, That’s Terrible! Yeah, I think you get the picture. {Sigh}

Life is too short to be so stressed all the time, don’t you agree? As moms, all we can do is our best.  It’s inevitable that things just happen even when it’s freezing cold outside. So you forgot a mitten etc.  It doesn’t make you a bad mom.  Clearly, we aren’t perfect and can’t expect to be supermom all the time.  Our children love us for who we are, not what we try to do.  God sees the bigger picture! As a Christian mom, I believe that with all my heart!

Thanks for reading and having a winter’s mom laugh with me.  It has truly been a blast!

Do you have a funny “Michigan Mom’s Winter” story? Please feel free to share it with us!  Happy New Year!

Proverbs 22:6-Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Lindsey Jenn

2 thoughts on “A Michigan Mom’s Winter: Are You Used to It?

  1. I AM SO COLD RIGHT NOW… 😉 But you’re right — the kids love it, and there is something to be said about being cooped up and forced to be together, right?! Godspeed spring!

  2. I’m in my nice warm apartment it’s 72 inside. outside in Otsego Mi it’s -2 F kids have some cabin fever that’s for sure. My 6 year old is the only one who want’s to go to school. she was looking forward to seeing her friends. Got her to look out side and she said I’ll stay inside and drink some hot chocolate

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