Pines Wheat Grass Powder Supplement {Review}

Pines Wheat Grass Powder Supplement {Review}

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I received a full sample of Pines Wheat Grass powder in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Do you worry that you and your family may not be getting enough of the green leafy vegetables?  Sometimes it can be like pulling teeth with picky eaters and sometimes vitamin supplements are just not enough.

I was recently introduced to PINES: The What Grass People.  They provided me with their Wheat Grass Powder to give a try.  It is considered:

  • RAW
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO Verified
  • USDA Organic

I received the 3.5 oz. jar.  It contains 29 servings of the original green superfood in powder form.

What are the ingredients?  It’s simple! Organic wheat grass.  That’s all! You can’t get any more organic than that.  So great.

Suggested Use: Mix 1-1/4 teaspoon with 8 oz. of water or juice for a serving of deep green leafy vegetable.

I gave it a whirl first.  Not too bad.  I tried a little with my soon-to-be 5 year old’s juice.  She didn’t seem to notice.  I think you may notice it more with water, but everyone is different.  I definitely think it’s an easier approach, especially if you have a picky eater and it’s like pulling teeth just to get them to eat their broccoli, spinach, etc.  Since she had orange juice you could obviously see the “green.”  I knew she would ask, but wildly enough she still drank it and without any complaints.  That may of been a fluke though, haha.

It’s also perfect for those hectic days where you just can’t fit in a green vegetable, just add the suggested amount in your water and juice and you are good to go.

Would I buy this again in the future?  I definitely may consider it. I love that it’s all organic and GMO free.  So very important.  If this is a concern of yours as well and you have a picky eater, you would benefit from the wheat grass powder as well.

If you would prefer tablets over powder, PINES Wheat Grass has that option available.  For more information about the product, click here.

Would you consider purchasing a product like this for your family?  Feel free to share your thoughts.

Lindsey Jenn

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