7-Year-Old Asks the World to Help Save His 4-Year-Old Sister

7-Year-Old Asks the World to Help Save His 4-Year-Old Sister

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Eliza and Beckham

Here is a letter from a compassionate father spreading the word about his daughter’s degenerative disease.  It’s truly inspiring.  Please be praying for this precious family.


I’m just a dad trying to save my 4-year-old daughter from a terminal and rapidly degenerative disease, and we would be eternally grateful for your help.

Last July, my daughter Eliza was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome and since then her mother’s and my life has been a race against time to fund the CURE that ACTUALLY EXISTS but just needs money to go forward and save our little girl. If she doesn’t get this treatment SOON she will suffer irreversible brain damage within the next year, possibly two. But there is hope because this story is finally going viral!

A frantic Google search for “how to make a viral video” led to an amazing story and our first video at http://www.savingeliza.com/, which has generated an incredible international response. Our story has been picked up by the NY Daily News (twice), ABC News, BBC News, Fox News, NBC, the Huffington Post and many more.


In just 3 weeks, we’ve raised over $600,000 on our GoFundMe! But we’re still a long way from the goal, and so we’re telling our story again, and this time it’s our 7-year-old son, Beckham, that’s sharing his perspective. The video was my wife Cara’s idea, and it is incredibly powerful. We find ourselves in tears every time we watch it, and yet it is so hopeful and encouraging at the same time.

What began as a glimmer of hope when videographer Benjamin Von Wong agreed to shoot a viral video for us is quickly turning into a million dollar miracle.

We believe this is a story that everybody can get behind and believe in, and Beckham gives our journey a completely new perspective that people would otherwise never know about. He doesn’t have to know that his sister’s condition is considered terminal, because if we raise this money together, it won’t be.

Link to the Video: 7 year old brother wants to save sister’s life

Their information: Father – Glenn O’Neill, Columbia, S.C.The full story: http://www.savingeliza.com

Son — Beckham O’Neill (age 7)

Daughter – Eliza O’Neill (age 4)
PLEASE WATCH & SHARE: Click here to support Saving Eliza by Glenn O’Neill
Twitter: @SavingEliza  #savingeliza

Cure Sanfilippo Foundation: http://www.curesff.org/

Saving Eliza Online: http://www.gofundme.com/ElizaONeill

Image courtesy of Glenn O’Neill


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