Coral Kids’ Toothpaste Offers Tips to Keep Kids Brushing

Coral Kids’ Toothpaste Offers Tips to Keep Kids Brushing

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“Berry bubblegum toothpaste fun for kids; powerful, chemical-free formula impresses parents.”

Did you know that according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, “tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease?”  This is an alarming thought.

As parents, we desire that our children learn proper dental hygiene.  This includes frequent brushing.  Since this is a challenge with many children, there are ways to get over this hurdle.

Have you ever heard of Coral LLC,?  They are the maker of all-natural Coral Kids’ Toothpaste.  I have never heard of this brand, have you?  It is supposed to help make dental care fun even for those who struggle with teeth brushing.  For some of you it may be like “pulling teeth.” Ha!

Coral Kids’ Toothpaste comes in a berry bubblegum flavor.  Thankfully, this brand is free of preservatives, chemical “sparkles” and other harmful additives found in most children’s toothpastes.

I am waiting word if I will be reviewing this product or not.  Hopefully, I can share what this brand is like and if my children will actually like it.  Very curious!

“The fluoride-free formula made with EcoSafe™ ionic calcium from above-sea coral not only helps prevent cavities, keep gums healthy, build tooth enamel and freshen breath, but also shifts the mouth’s pH to alkaline to neutralize bacterial acids, thus decreasing decay.

Kids love the fun packaging and flavor; parents love the effective, chemical-free formula and fuss-free routine.”

Coral Kids’ is offering tips and tricks to parents for getting kids keen on a teeth  brushing routine:

1.       Pick the perfect toothbrush. Take your little one shopping to select a special toothbrush. Favorite animated characters, spinning heads and flashing lights are just some of the enticing possibilities that may pique their interest. Letting them choose will boost their “big kid” confidence and make them more vested in brushing.

2.       Offer toothpaste that tastes like a treat. Appeal to small senses with a healthy toothpaste that tastes extra special, like Coral Kids’ in Xylitol-sweetened, safe-to-swallow berry bubblegum. But beware bells and whistles created with harmful chemicals, such as artificial colors and sweeteners, which may entice but can also lead to serious health concerns.

3.       Bring fun into the bathroom. Brushing should be taken seriously, but it doesn’t have to be serious. Encourage kids to make big, circular brush strokes like train wheels; create as many “mouth bubbles” as they can; or pretend they need to clean their “big dinosaur teeth.” When brushing is playful, there’s less pressure.

4.       Find a kid-friendly dentist. Make first trips to the dentist fun by choosing a provider who caters to children with music, puppets, toys and more. If the experience is positive, they’ll be more prone to want to impress the dentist (and possibly get a special treat) with their good at-home brushing habits.

5.       Set a good example. Show your kids that brushing is an easy, everyday routine by modeling frequent and scheduled brushings, such as right after breakfast, before bed or following a sweet treat. It can even be a family affair! When little ones see brushing as a simple daily habit instead of a chore, there will be less protest.

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