#FitKids Mobile Studio Opens to Serve #MetroDetroit

#FitKids Mobile Studio Opens to Serve #MetroDetroit

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Farmington Hills, Mich. – (August 11, 2014) – Today, Fit Kids Mobile Studio LLC announced that it is open to serve daycare and preschool facilities across Metro Detroit. As a mobile studio, instructors will travel on site to teach extracurricular activities during school hours, so that families don’t have to sacrifice time in the evening. Course offerings include ballet, yoga and Little Athletes. Parents will be provided with weekly updates, video clips and pictures to see their children in action.

“I’m thrilled to offer students a chance to participate in fun extracurricular activities during regular school hours,” said Jackie Drake, owner of Fit Kids Mobile Studio. “Families today are busier than ever.  Fit Kids Mobile Studio offers parents the chance to enable their children to enjoy enrichment classes without losing precious family time.”

Courses offerings include:

  • Ballet: This course focuses on movement, rhythm, stretching and fun. Students will learn the fundamentals and terminology of ballet and perform in a recital at the end of the school year.
  • Yoga: Using music and imagination, students will enjoy learning various child-focused yoga poses and techniques for breathing and calming. Students’ strength, flexibility and coordination will improve, as well as their mind and body awareness.
  • Little Athletes: This course focuses on coordination and skills to prepare students for participation in a multitude of sports. Students will practice gymnastics skills and other drills to help with body awareness, including balance beam, somersaults, wall stands, etc. Part of each class will also be dedicated to ball handling, including soccer, football and basketball.

Jackie Drake, owner of Fit Kids Mobile Studio, is a certified teacher with more than 12 years of elementary and middle school experience in Farmington Public Schools. A former dancer, she has instructed beginning ballet and jazz classes and is a certified children’s yoga instructor.

For more information, please visit: http://fitkidsmobilestudio.com/home.html.

About Fit Kids Mobile Studio

Fit Kids Mobile Studio LLC is a leading provider of extracurricular activities to preschools and daycare centers in the Metro Detroit Area. The company provides an array of courses including ballet, yoga and Little Athletes. These courses are taught during the school day so preschoolers enjoy extracurricular activities without being rushed out of the door in the evening.

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