#DDF2014 (Detroit Design Festival) Starts Today and Runs through 9/28

#DDF2014  (Detroit Design Festival) Starts Today and Runs through 9/28
As one of North America’s leading design centers, Detroit brings its spirit of reinvention and growth to the upcoming Detroit Design Festival Sept. 23-28, hosted by the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3).
More than 500 designers and 25,000 attendees will celebrate Detroit’s role as a global hub of design and creativity, taking part in product launches, design battles, lectures, workshops, open houses, and other events. The festival will connect creatives with one another, introduce them to new markets, and expose Detroit’s creative talent and design aesthetic to audiences around the world.
“This year’s event is concentrated around a central theme—design and manufacturing,” said Doug Rothwell, president and CEO of Business Leaders for Michigan and supporter of the Detroit Creative Corridor Center. “That’s very much in keeping with the current reality, which is that creative thinkers are transforming Michigan’s economy by engineering products and processes the world needs today.”
The 2014 festival also leverages a unique partnership with DLECTRICITY, a two-day event hosted by Midtown Detroit, Inc. “The combination of these two extraordinary events allows participants to explore the juxtaposition between art and design,” said DC3 director Matt Clayson. “Many of the same creative principles and processes are in play whether you’re painting a picture or engineering a new product. Imagination plays a key role in both types of work—and ultimately, it is this same imagination and sense of purpose that is allowing Detroit creatives to leverage the future of our city.”   The Detroit Design Festival and DLECTRICITY offer a robust schedule of programs and events with the intent of provoking stimulating discussion on the importance of design in public spaces.
 “Each year the Detroit Design Festival has expanded in scope, and this year’s pairing with DLECTRICITY raises it to an even higher level.  It’s symbolic of the growing awareness of the strength of Detroit’s design community and of the importance of design to innovation, economic growth, and the quality of our lives,” said Richard Rogers, President of the College for Creative Studies and supporter of the Detroit Creative Corridor Center.  “The College for Creative Studies is proud to support DC3 in its work of advancing the creative economy and to be a key venue for the festival.
“The DC3 is helping Detroit unleash its creative power and retool its long-term economic strategies,” Rothwell said. “We’re working hard to showcase the potential that Detroit has to offer,” Clayson said. “The city’s Creative Corridor now consists of 43 new businesses employing more than 2,400 people. There is no other place on the planet with the capacity that we have in Detroit to design, engineer, and manufacture and distribute a product. It all exists right here in Detroit.”
For more information, please visit www.detroitdesignfestival.com or find DDF on Facebook at www.facebook.com/detroitdesignfestival. A complete schedule for the 2014 Detroit Design Festival may be found at www.detroitdesignfestival.com/happenings.

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