Kids Can Learn to Tie their Shoe with #EZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool

Kids Can Learn to Tie their Shoe with #EZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool

I received an EZLeaps shoe tying tool to try in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Are you currently teaching your child how to tie their shoes?  As parents we know that this can become a tricky and frustrating experience.  My five-year old was learning a few months ago and gave up pretty quickly. Because of this, I put shoe tying on the backburner.   I definitely didn’t want a cranky child and figured she would learn when she was ready.  Kind of like potty-training.

I was recently introduced to EZLeaps!  It is a nifty shoe tying tool that I wish I would have had with my other two daughters and even myself when I was learning, haha!  It comes in 12 fun designs.  I chose the cupcake design.  I was very eager to give this shoe tying tool a shot.

Here is a step-by-step visual instruction:

You basically teach them to tie their first knot.  Then you place the EZLeap tool right on top in the center and begin inserting the laces through the holes within the tool. Now, here is a video demonstration to give you an idea of how EZLeaps actually works:

It’s definitely as easy as it looks in the video.    My five-year old was actually eager to give it a try and has been practicing since.  I try not to force the issue, I kind of just let her roll with it herself to see what she can figure out.  I think in due time she will know how to tie her own shoes, yay! When she does, I will update with a picture of her success!

EZLeaps are only $5.49 each and are small and lightweight making it an easy and stress-free learning experience.  You can currently purchase over at

To learn more about EZLeaps and stay up to date,  you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I would like to thank the folks over at EZLeaps for giving me the opportunity to try this tool with my daughter.  It has literally cut down on stress and frustration!  What an awesome invention!

Lindsey Jenn

5 thoughts on “Kids Can Learn to Tie their Shoe with #EZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool

  1. wow, this is a cool product. I purposefully buy shoes with no laces so I don’t have to deal with them. I will be teaching Rosa to tie her shoes soon. I am sure this product will help.

    1. I know, for so long I would buy shoes without laces but figured it’s a lost skill. LOL! And they should probably learn. It’s really an awesome tool and makes shoe tying so much easier. =P

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