6 Fun #HalloweenTreats to Complete Any Party

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Here are some cute treat ideas thanks to HYDRIVE Energy Water!

Hosting a successful Halloween party means not only having the right music and atmosphere, but also having plenty of yummy snacks for guests to enjoy.  Easy, fun foods and beverages requiring minimal party prep are ideal for busy hosts looking to perfect their party menu.


From energy party punch to pumpkin-and-bat-shaped mac and cheese, here are six must-have treats for any Halloween party:

  1. HYDRIVE Energy Water – Create a refreshing and energizing party punch using HYDRIVE Energy Water’s orange Citrus Burst for a festive twist. This vitamin-rich HYDRIVE Energy Water is only 30 calories and offers the same caffeine as an energy drink, ideal for giving guests a light, non-carbonated energy boost.
  2. Candy Corn Oreos – A twist on the original Oreo cookie, Candy Corn Oreos combine milk’s best friend with Halloween’s signature candy. The Oreo filling has the color and flavor of candy corn for a tasty Halloween treat.
  3. Kraft Trick or Cheesy Mac and Cheese – Kraft’s Halloween themed mac and cheese is a delicious, easy addition to a Halloween gathering. The classic cheesy and delicious taste of Kraft Mac and Cheese only gets better in festive shapes such as bats and pumpkins for guests to enjoy!
  4. Pillsbury Scary Halloween Shape Cookies – Easily create ghost, monster, or pumpkin shaped cookies with Pillsbury’s  pre-cut refrigerated Sugar cookie dough. These fun cookies are easy enough for nearly anyone to make and provide a quick, Halloween appropriate snack.
  5. Halloween Marshmallow Peeps – An Easter favorite now in Halloween shapes, guests can pop black cat, and pumpkin shaped Peeps in their mouths. Requiring minimal party prep, these Peeps spice up any dessert tray—simple remove from the package and enjoy.
  6. Pepperidge’s Halloween Goldfish – Effortless and tasty, Pepperidge offers special halloween-themed goldfish that can be easily be purchased at retailers such as Target. This healthy snack is baked and contains no artificial preservatives for guests looking for a candy alternative.

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