Turning Movies into Toys: The LEGO Takeover

Turning Movies into Toys: The LEGO Takeover

This just in….are you buying LEGOs as a gift this year?

Lego Pitch 1

Though at one point, LEGOs themselves may have been ample fare for narrative innovation, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the sets that sell more often than not tie into big name blockbusters.

Whether this trend stems from an increasing societal reliance on media agenda setting, or simply the fact that recognizable plots and personalities are far more fun than stories untold — it’s no question that movie-themed LEGO sets are the talk of the LEGO town.

In fact, LEGO, which generates about half of its revenue at the holidays, just topped the list of items wanted by boys (National Retail Federation). On top of that — the The LEGO Friends line is the first overwhelming success that LEGO has had with a product specifically designed for girls in nearly 20 years.

As such, the sets and their accompanying film releases make the perfect pieces for relevant, upcoming holiday gifts for toy- and movie-lovers alike. All of these sets are (and will be) available on LEGO rental site, Pley.com – “The Netflix of Legos”.

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