Help Celebrate Mom with Visionworks

Help Celebrate Mom with Visionworks

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, how are you planning on celebrating yourself and the special moms in your life? Instead of getting mom the usual bouquet of flowers, give her a pair of floral frames. Visionworks has a beautiful line of Vera Bradley floral frames and sunglasses to complete every mom’s spring wardrobe.

Use our Right Frames for Your Face infographic to identify mom’s ideal frame style. Below are tips on which frames to choose for different face shapes.


  • Heart: With the narrowest point of your face being the jawline, the best shapes for a Better You are rectangle, round and oval. Frames that are wider on the top will add width to your chin.
  • Oval: With your face being longer than it is wide, the best shapes for a Better You are square, rectangle and cat-eye. Also consider bold and oversized frames and have fun with color.
  • Round: With your face being widest across the cheekbones, the best shapes for a Better You are rectangle, square and cat-eye. The bottom of the frame should hit above the cheekbone and the frame should be wider than it is deep.
  • Square: With a wide forehead and cheekbones, the best shapes for a Better You are oval and round. Your frames should be thinner to emphasize the brow line and slightly wider than the cheekbones.

Utilize the Visionworks’ Better You Frame Finder to upload a photo of mom and select the perfect Vera Bradley frames for her face. Pair mom’s floral frames with a bright spring sundress or mix things up by playing with different patterns.

For more information on Vera Bradley frames for mom, visit

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