Middleton Farm CSA – A Michigan Based Healthier Meat Shopping Alternative

Middleton Farm CSA – A Michigan Based Healthier Meat Shopping Alternative

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For several years, health has been of utmost importance to my family. Whether it is the shampoo we are using down to the food we are eating. We read labels and shop accordingly. Any way you looked at it, we are trying to make “good” choices for our family.

Two years ago we were struggling to find a “good” meat source to feed our family. We would initially connect with someone who had grass-fed beef to share or a few meat chickens, etc, always bumping from person to person and not able to find a reliable source that could accommodate our family needs for the long run. Then one day, online, I stumbled across Middleton Farm CSA located in central Michigan. Middleton Farm uses all natural farming methods to produce only the best meats that nature has to offer.

Middleton Farm CSA raise and sell only the best meats that can be purchased in small, medium, or large shares or in 3-meat shares depending on the size of your family.


Middleton Farm CSA is committed to bringing you only the healthiest product possible. Growth hormones and antibiotics are not used on any of the animals. Their animals are treated with kindness and respect and they strive to make their time with you as pleasant as possible. They also deliver or ship free to your door in Michigan.

What I personally like about this meat shopping experience is the convenience. Meat is delivered to my door every other month and this also means the meat is cut from a different animal each time. I do not need to have a large freezer to accommodate a ½ of ¼ of a cow, etc. I also like the aspect that I can let them know what kind of cut of meat for the beef or pork I want if I so choose. Buying from Middleton Farms CSA also gives me a peace of mind that I know the meat I am getting is best for my family. Also, I love cruising right past the meat department when grocery shopping as this isn’t something I need to spend my time on. It’s always delivered and my freezer is stocked.

There are a few locations where their meat can be purchased. Their free range grass-fed ground beef can be found at all Jack’s Fruit Market Stores in Bay City, Saginaw, or Midland. The Bay Rd store in Saginaw also carries steaks, roasts, and stew meat. Pat`s Food Center in Freeland carries a variety of beef cuts. You can now find their beef and pork at Discount Health Food stores in Bay City and Saginaw and thru Kehres Health . Middleton Farm CSA also offers meat at the Midland Farmers Market along with farm fresh eggs.


Middleton Farms CSA also offers a Harvest Share which is the largest in the tri-cities. This is a perfect way to purchase delicious fresh produce and support local agriculture at the same time. You receive the freshest, healthiest produce possible and the dollars you spend stay in the community. Middleton Farm CSA sells only the best fruits and vegetables around, and does it without using any synthetic herbicides or pesticides. Integrated pest management and other natural methods are used to control pests. There are no GMO seeds on their farm and they only grow heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables along with cross pollinated hybrids. The Harvest Share has been a HUGE hit as there is currently a waiting list for this opportunity.

We have currently purchased our third year of the 3 meat share with Middleton Farm CSA and could not be happier with our experience with them.

In an effort for readers to try this new meat shopping experience, Middleton Farm CSA would like to offer a 5% off any meat share paid in full to any Michigan Mom Living readers now until September 1, 2015. Order your meat today at http://www.middletonfarmcsa.com/ under the “Our Store”. When purchasing, enter code MIMOM for your 5% discount. Please tell them Cynthia from Michigan Mom Living sent you.

Follow other sales and specials and new products on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MiddletonFarmCsa?fref=ts.

Cynthia Tait

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