Disney Create Tomorrowland XPRIZE Challenge Winners

Disney Create Tomorrowland XPRIZE Challenge Winners


Earlier in the month, we introduced the Disney Create Tomorrowland XPRIZE challenge:

Winners were selected by a panel of XPRIZE judges who reviewed submissions and selected six winners, three from the Junior Division (8-12 years old) and three from the Senior Division (13-17 years old). Challenge submissions were scored based on originality, creativity, and presentation.

Here are the winners and their ideas: (One winner is from Michigan, yay!)

•Gabrielle Nafie, age 9, of New York, New York, envisioned a robotic origami bee called a bee origamibot. These tiny robots are activated by sunlight, function like real bees by pollinating plants vital to our survival and offset the global decline of the actual insect.

• Maxwell Fung, age 11, of North Syracuse, New York, imagined a world with no pain thanks to the invention of the pain-blocking nanobot. These teeny metal bots are administered orally prior to surgery to inhibit nerve endings from transferring chemicals that induce pain. The nanobots are removed through the kidneys, result in little to no side effects and are non-addictiv.

• Jason Jackrel, age 12, of North Bellmore, New York, invented the hydrogen-powered scooter, the preferred transportation of the future. By utilizing hydrogen, which emits water, instead of fossil fuels, the hydrogen-powered scooter eliminates C02 emissions.

• Clarissa Katko, age 15, of Dansville, Michigan, developed a cure for cancer through genetic therapy. By harnessing the genetic makeup of mole rats, whose genes have a high resistance to runway cell growth, humanity will be able to eradicate cancer and extend life expectancy

• Adrianne Camero, age 15, of Miami, Florida, devised the Magnēs Lithos Chair, a more efficient and adaptable alternative to the wheelchair. The Magnēs Lithos Chair utilizes the Earth’s electromagnetic field to levitate and is maneuvered by the user’s mind.

• Natalie Cummings, age 16, of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, tapped into the science of Mother Nature to create artificial trees with leaves that cleanse the air of C02 at exponential rates while also capturing solar energy to power neighboring homes.

Beginning in June, the six winners will have a once–in-a-lifetime mentorship experience with a leader in their area of interest. In addition, each winner will receive a $3,000 check, a 3D Printer from 3D Systems, an annual subscription to Tales2Go® and registration for FIRST® LEGO® League for the competition season 2015-2016 in the U.S.Supporting XPRIZE Partners include FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), 3D Systems, IMAX Corporation, Tales2Go® and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. To view the winning submissions, please visit http://www.xprizechallenge.org

Michigan Mom Living congratulates all winners!

Cynthia Tait

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