Oops! The Parenting Handbook {Book Review}

Oops!  The Parenting Handbook {Book Review}

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Oops! I wish I had known this before…The Parenting Handbook  by Erik R. Robertson, M.A., is a “great read” for parents and is easy to understand. It has very practical parenting suggestions beginning with infants and goes through adult children. No matter where you are in the scope of parenting, this book has you covered. This book also covers a lot of territory in only 99 pages as it may be a quick read for some, yet a valuable tool to reference back to.

What I also liked about this book is the simplicity of it and the author always seems to circle back to the idea that our children learn from examples…specifically us (their parents).

The author, Erik R. Robertson, M.A., touches base on a lot of {upfront} today issues regarding just letting kids play and dream, to values,  to the current education system, and to drugs and body image and much, much more. Erik also shares the importance of identifying your parenting style and shares a secret with which parenting style is ideal.

Erik holds a degree in educational psychology from the University of Amsterdam, where he graduated with honors and top of his class. Erik has won a Quilly Best Seller Award for the book he co-authored with Expert and Best Seller Author Brian Tracy. Erik is an Author, Trainer, Media Personality, Coach in the fields of Parenting, Management, Leadership, and Consciousness. Follow Erik at www.oopstheparentinghandbook.com or visit on Facebook.

Oops! I wish I had known this before…The Parenting Handbook can be purchased at BarnesandNobles.com, Amazon.com and Balboa Press.

Cynthia Tait

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