Tips for a Clutter-Free Car

Tips for a Clutter-Free Car


When it comes to kids and cars, most likely you have discovered it can be a challenge just keeping it clean and clutter-free.  Since it’s a smaller space, clutter and messes most definitely can add up.With three kids of my own, I try to keep up with them and their messes, but sometimes it’s just not always that easy, especially when returning home from a late night event.Here are some tips to help you keep your car clutter-free (or at least cut down on those messes) thanks to Thirty Handmade Days.

1. Enforce Car Rules -To avoid things like feet on seats, garbage on floor, etc., be sure to do a quick tidy in the car before exiting.  Have it become a part of your children’s chore routine providing you are in the car every day.

2. Use Free Time to Organize –  If you find yourself sitting and waiting in your car for a long period of time like waiting for kids to get out of school etc., start organizing your car yourself.

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