Family Road Trip Games

Family Road Trip Games

*This post was originally geared towards the end of summer, but can apply to road trips anytime of year!


Are you getting ready to take a road trip? When it comes to kids and road trips, it can become tricky after a while. But, with technology these days, kids are kept entertained. What about good unplugged games for the car? Here are 5 road trip games your entire family can enjoy to beat the time:

1. Number Plate Bingo  – I remember playing something similar to this with my brother on our family road trips except without the free printable. Players just find all of the numbers in order and the winner yells “BINGO.” Get printable here.

2. Feathers, Fur, or Skin? – One person has to say a series of animals and the player has to say if it has feathers, fur, or skin. This is a fun and easy one for the younger children.

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