Piglet Bo Can Do Anything! {Book Review}


Cynthia received a copy of Piglet Bo Can Do Anything in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed here are honest and her own.


Piglet Bo Can Do Anything! by Geert De Kockere, is a fun, colorful, hardcover book that lets kids be kids and realize they can do anything by being determined.  Piglet Bo has his sights set on many goals: walking on water, pushing a sand dune, flying, and so much more.  With the help of a little luck along the way and also his steep determination, Piglet Bo accomplishes whatever he sets his mind on.
Share this book today with your youngsters and help them realize that their determination can carry them a long way.
Piglet Bo can Do Anything! is intended for preschool through kindergarten (ages 3-6).  I can be purchased at www.skyponypress.com or on Amazon.
Piglet Bo Can Do Anything! is the first in a two-part Piglet Bo series with the second installment, Piglet Bo is Not Scared!, set to release in November 2015.

About the Author and Illustrator

Geert De Kockere studied to become a teacher but instead became a professional journalist, working for the Flemish newspaper De Standaard (The Standard). Currently he is the editor of Buitenbeen, a nature magazine for Flanders and the Netherlands. He has written many children’s books, including several collections of poems, and has won a variety of book prizes for his work. He lives in Kempen, Belgium. Van Hemeldonck studied graphic design, specializing in illustration, at Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg in Hasselt. She has done all kinds of graphic design work and has illustrated several children’s books. She currently resides in Bunsbeek, Belgium.

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