Picture Book For Teaching Children About Autism or Social Disabilities: Boo’s Beard {Book Promotion}

Picture Book For Teaching Children About Autism or Social Disabilities: Boo’s Beard {Book Promotion}


Cynthia received a copy of Boo’s Beard in exchange for this book promotion.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and her own.


According to the CDC, one in sixty-eight American children have an autism spectrum disorder, which can lead them to having difficulty reading facial expression.

Tom took his dog, Boo, to the park each and every day. He longed to play with the other children, but he didn’t understand them and they didn’t understand him. Tom only understood Boo as she would wag her tail when she was happy and whine when she was sad. Then one day, Boo got all tangled up playing in the bushes and little girl by the name of Lydia gathered around to see Boo and her silly facial expressions made with her beard. Others came to watch and laughed also at the silly dog. Lydia then invites Tom to play along with Boo. In the end, Lydia helps Tom understand the meaning of his own smile.

Boo’s Beard is a valuable hardcover picture book for ages 3-6 (Preschool – Kindergarten) as it introduces to children that some children struggle with identifying facial expressions and that it may be difficult interacting with them.

Boo’s Beard can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Sky Pony Press.

About the Author

Rose Mannering is an English writer and international author. She writes both YA and children’s fiction, and her first picture book with illustrator Bethany Straker, entitled The Spotty Dotty Daffodil, was published in 2014. She lives in Kent, England, with naughty twin doggies called Boo and Delilah who don’t like having their beards brushed!

Bethany Straker is an illustrator of picture books and magazines. Her work often leans toward the humorous and has been described as “somewhere between the stylings of a Steve Fiorilla and a Mike Judge series” (filmography.com). She enjoys the little visual details that others may not notice, loves drawing the grotesque, and champions the underdog. She resides in Kent, England, with her husband and son.

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