November is National Family Caregivers Month – AARP Caregiver Kindness Contest

November is National Family Caregivers Month – AARP Caregiver Kindness Contest


Are you a current caregiver to a family member or neighbor or friend? If so, you are not alone. A staggering 40 million Americans are caring for an adult relative or friend.

In fact, the profile of a typical caregiver today is completely different from what one might assume:

  • 1 in 4 caregivers is a Millennial (between the ages of 18 and 34)
  • 40% of caregivers are men
  • The estimated value of family caregiving in the U.S. is $470 billion.
  • Family caregivers spend 18 hours per week providing care like bathing, dressing, preparing meals, administering medications, driving to doctor visits or paying bills.
  • 68% of caregivers have used their own money to provide care and 39% of caregivers report feeling financially strained.
  •  60% of family caregivers provide care for an adult while still being employed outside the home.
  • More than half of caregivers say they feel overwhelmed by the amount of care their family member needs.

Click here for the complete interview with Caregiving Expert Amy Goyer and recent author to Juggling Life, Work, and Caregiving as she offers useful tips for all caregivers:

Do you know someone caring for a family member or friend?  Caring for a loved one is a demanding job, and every little bit of help and support can make a difference. So AARP is asking you to honor the family caregiver you know by surprising them with a random act of kindness. It doesn’t have to be complicated or costly just a small gesture that makes him or her feel appreciated and loved. Afterwards, we’d like you to share your story (in 150 words or less) and post a photo. The top 12 submissions judged to be the most original, creative and impactful will share a $10,000 prize pot. You can enter the contest once a week.  Go to

A little about Amy:

Amy Goyer is an expert in aging and families, specializing in family caregiving and multigenerational issues. She is the author of Juggling Life, Work, and Caregiving.

For more information online about caregiving, go to

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