Babies & Toddlers: New Tools For Supporting Healthy Development


Guest piece from Stephanie Millian, Communications Director at ZERO TO THREE

In this day and age, parents and caregivers of very young children are overwhelmed by the many “expert” voices in the media providing parenting guidance and information—too much of it based on ideology, not science.  Recently, ZERO TO THREE, the nation’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to the health and well-being of infants and toddlers, launched their new Parent Portal, featuring resources grounded in science that help parents and caregivers build strong and lasting connections with their babies and toddlers:

The new Parent Portal at ZERO TO THREE offers resources on how parents can have the most positive impact on their young child’s development during the first, and most critical, 1000 days of life.  Topics include:

  • Typical development from birth to three
  • Managing challenging behavior
  • The impact of media on young children
  • School readiness and early learning
  • Social-emotional development
  • Play
  • Sleep
  • Positive parenting approaches

Also on the Parent Portal is the ZTT Parenting Blog, with its first post examining the new blockbuster movie Inside Out and the creative ways in which kids – and their families – learn to accept, understand and manage complex feelings –including joy, happiness, fear and anger. Read more: Inside Out: A Film for Parents of Young Children, Too

Don’t miss out! Readers can sign up for the ZERO TO THREE Parent Portal age-based newsletter designed to provide insights for parents of kids ranging in age from birth to three – and beyond.  Sign up at:

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