5 Easy-To-Follow Tips to a Sexier Bedroom Perfect For The Love Season


If you and your spouse don’t have any plans to go out this coming Valentine’s Day for some reason, the next best thing to do is to re-decorate your bedroom to a sexier mood. This way, you can still both feel the warmth of LOVE SEASON while staying at the comfort of your home.

Below are some tips and tricks that can help spice up your bedroom. They might look or sound basic but they are truly effective in setting up the mood.

Clean and DeClutter

A clean, tidy and uncluttered room must be your first goal in terms of creating a sexy bedroom. Get rid of all the junks that accumulates in your room. Organize those newspapers, magazines, laundry and other stuff that shouldn’t be stored at your room at the first place.

Get everything up off the floor. Create as much floor space as possible. Always remember, every place or corner your eye lands on must make you feel very relax and comfortable.

Set Up The Lights

Dim lights are sexy. Lamps with ivory shades can also do the trick. The soft glow of filtered light creates romantic shadows and highlights. To make it more interesting, replace your bulbs temporarily with a pink-tinted one. Pink light bulbs creates a shade that boost romantic mood.

Choose The Right Scent

Take out anything or any stuff that can dilute the scent you wanted at your room. Take out those dirty laundry. Take out your pet just for one night or few hours. Make sure your pillows or mattress pad are clean or freshly washed.

If you chose to have scented candles inside your room, choose the one that doesn’t have strong smell. Choose the one that smells sweet, fresh and clean. Stay away with scents that are too floral as they might be quite off-putting.

Choose the Right Music

Music is our universal language. The music you hear can certainly affect your mood anytime of the day. Don’t put a music that is too relaxing as if you are encouraging a good night sleep. Put something that has sexy jive and beat on it. A little internet searching can certainly help you get the right playlist.

Add A Mirror

Placing a mirror or a mirrored piece of furniture inside your room can spice things up. The shine it gives can add some sort of spice at your room. The glimmer it creates can also affect the overall mood.

If you have something to add with these tips, please feel free to share it at the comment section below. Let’s all feel the warmth of the LOVE SEASON!

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