The Power of Me! {Book Review}

Cynthia received a copy of “The Power of Me” in exchange for this post.


VICTORIA, Australia – Francesca Traill was tired of watching her children and their classmates struggle with low self-esteem. Perhaps they didn’t fit into a particular peer group, or weren’t interested in the same things as the “cool” kids. Why were they suffering for their individuality? Why weren’t the things that made them unique being celebrated?

Traill consulted with Nicolina Bernabei-Myszka, a primary school teacher, and Russell Aitken, a facilitator for Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” self-help series, in order to come up with a solution.

The result is The Power of Me!, a new book designed to help young people achieve their full potential. The program is built to encourage kids to embrace their unique qualities in order to combat bullying, a lagging school system, and society’s jaded definition of success.

“There are many children struggling to accept who they are simply because they do not fit into a particular square,” Traill said. “The program we’ve created encourages those children to believe in themselves and unlock their full potential.”

In this time and day, we hear so much on the news, in newspapers, or in magazines about children’s low self-esteem at an early age. We as parents then wonder… do we handle this issue, how do we prevent it, how do we cope with it? In Aitkin, Traill and Myszka’s book, The Power of Me!, they have actually created a powerful program for young people (primary school age, grades 1-4) to help them achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives.

The program teaches:

~Goal Setting


~How the Mind Works

~Power of Choice

~Treasure Mapping


The book is an actual workbook that is encouraged to be worked on or reviewed daily as it gives an example of eating each day to nourish the body, this workbook also nourishes the mind. The Power of Me! provides a lot of visual pictures for the young people to really get the “just” of the reasoning behind the book.

It enables young people to:

Believe in yourself.

Dare the dream.

Dream BIG

Anything you want IS possible.

The program is simple to work one on one with student and parents, but it is also possible to hold this as a program on a larger scale as a group.

If you have a primary age student struggling with self-confidence, this may be an avenue to try. The Power of Me! Is available in softcover, hardcover, e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press.

For more information, visit

About the authors:
Russell Aitken, Fran Traill, and Nikcki Bernabei-Myszka all have extensive experience working with children with low self-esteem, both in their personal and professional lives. They have dedicated themselves to developing a very unique and simple method to capture the attention of children without any specific bias in learning about their own individual uniqueness and more importantly, how to use it.




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