Hello, World: Weather & Solar System – Book Reviews

Cynthia received a copy of Weather and Solar System (Valued at $7.99 each) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and her own.

weather                                            solarsystem

Now even the youngest children can enjoy learning about the world around them. Hello, World! is a new series designed to help parents introduce simple nonfiction concepts to their babies and toddlers.

Is your little one like a sponge and want to learn? If so, these board books NEED to be in their book collection. Hello World! Weather is a cute book that takes you through the seasons and shows little ones how to dress for the outdoors. It’s colorful and informative and little ones can really relate to it. It also is the type of book that brings more conversation to the reader and child as they look at the pictures and see the facial expressions on the children in the book.

Hello World! Solar System is an informative board book for youngsters to learn about the planets, the moon and also introduces color, shape and sizes. (I have to admit there were actually a few solar system facts I learned also by reading it.) It is an easy read and is wonderfully colorized to keep a youngster’s attention that they will be wanting to learn more about the solar system.

Both books just became available, March 8th at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere children’s books are sold.

About the Author:

JILL McDONALD is a Missouri-based illustrator and designer whose cheery and colorful art can be found on clothing, fabric, bedding, stationery, puzzles, and games, as well as in a variety of books for babies and toddlers.

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