Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – Interview with Psychologist Dr. Robin Goldstein


Nearly 7 million Americans suffer from sleepless nights due to restless legs syndrome (RLS). RLS is a neurological disorder characterized by an uncontrollable urge to move the legs during periods of inactivity or while at rest.

Many Americans living with RLS delay or avoid talking with their doctor about their symptoms and can go years without seeking medical help. In fact, those who experience RLS symptoms may not even realize they have RLS and attribute difficulty falling or staying asleep to insomnia or other sleep disorders. By not discussing the cause of their sleeping problems, they are misdiagnosed and often prescribed medicine that does little for their condition or quality-of-life.

In light of “Sleep Awareness Week March 6-13” and to raise awareness about the impact RLS has on sleep, last week I was able to interview psychologist, Dr. Robin Goldstein.  Dr. Goldstein shared a little background in what RLS is and what it does to prevent sufferers from getting a good night’s sleep.  Dr. Goldstein also talked about steps patients can take to get a better night’s sleep and encouraged patients to not be afraid to get help if you aren’t sleeping as it will assist them in the finding the correct treatment for a good night’s sleep.

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Dr. Goldstein is a member of the American Psychological Association and Past President of the Palm Chapter of the Florida Psychological Association. She is a licensed psychologist with a Doctorate in Counseling from Boston University. Her BA, cum laude, was earned in psychology from Boston University.  Her work employs an active, empowering approach that is geared toward breaking dysfunctional patterns, increasing self-understanding and maximizing growth and strength. She uses a blend of approaches to derive the greatest benefit, tailoring the approach to the individual. Her extensive experience allows her to accurately and quickly assess the problem and develop an effective treatment plan.  Dr. Goldstein has worked in a variety of settings over the years including hospitals, adolescent treatment centers and nursing homes.

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