Principle-Centered Parenting – A Spiritual Approach {Book Review}

Principle-Centered Parenting – A Spiritual Approach {Book Review}

I received a copy of Principle-Centered Parenting – A Spiritual Approach ($19.99 Amazon value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


What would it look like if punishment could be eliminated from parenting? For some, this is a crazy thought as they can only imagine how uncontrollable their child would be.  In her new book, “Principle-Centered Parenting,” author Phyllis Williams guides parents on teaching healthy, spiritually based thinking to their kids in order to change behavior from the inside out.

“Principle-Centered Parenting” explains how teaching children to learn to love good will reflect in their behavior and begin to dissolve bad behavior.

Throughout the book, parents are encouraged to observe and listen to their children in order to gain understanding on how they can teach behavior principles that guide and motivate healthy behaviors.

Principle-Centered Parenting – A Spiritual Approach is quite different from most proclaimed “self-help” books.  Williams instills in her readers “Principle -centered parenting is not about manipulating, controlling, or changing children’s external behavior.  Parenting is bringing out children’s God-given intelligence, creativity, unique talents, and passionate interests.”  Now that is easier said than done!  This book may not be for all parents as it is soulfully working with your kids to pull out the goodness in them that is already in there.  For example…we can try all different techniques to parent, but don’t forget the inner voice God gave us to love and listen to the needs of our children.  In society we are so caught up in stuff and things and our to-do list, but we have to remember the importance of parenting and “being there” in the moment with our children and their needs and love them when they need us.  We as parents have inside us and our children have inside them the love and direction they need….our job is to help to find it.

Principle-Centered Parenting – A Spiritual Approach can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere books are sold.   

About the Author

Phyllis Williams was born on a small farm in the beautiful hills of Crowley’s Ridge in Northeast Arkansas. She graduated from Methodist Nursing School in Memphis, Tennessee, worked as a registered nurse in St. Louis, Missouri, then joined the Air Force Nurse Corp. and served two years in Biloxi, Mississippi. She married and when discharged from the Air Force, she moved to Mesa, Arizona, where she worked as a charge nurse. She moved to San Jose, then Cupertino, California where she raised her three children and started a state licensed preschool daycare for twenty-four children. She was Director for fifteen years. Her oldest daughter took over the daycare when Phyllis moved to Denver, Colorado where she finished her degree in Social Science at Regis University and worked toward a Masters degree in The Psychology of Parenting. She is grandmother of seven and currently lives in Georgetown, Texas.



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