Our VIP Treatment at ivivva {Athletic Wear}-Twelve Oaks, Novi

Our VIP Treatment at ivivva {Athletic Wear}-Twelve Oaks, Novi

My 3 girls each received a dance wear or gym wear item for free in exchange for a fitting session and this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

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Have you heard of ivivva? They have arrived at Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi! Whoot! As a mom of two gymnasts and a dancer I couldn’t be more esctatic as they have amazing athletic wear.  To bring you up to speed, here is a little bit about ivivva!

About ivivva


Inspired by active girls. Created by lululemon. ivivva celebrates girls by designing beautiful, technical athletic wear (sizes 6-14), and creates experiences that connect them through movement. From running and yoga to dance and goal-setting, ivivva stores offer a variety of complimentary athletic classes and Dreams & Goals programs that inspire girls to dream big. ivivva is designed with active girls in mind, to help them perform their best in all their activities (at the studio, gym, or outdoors), as well as transition them through their day (at school or just hanging out). ivivva is co-created with girls; their designers are always listening to girls’ feedback and ideas and designing what girls need, even beyond what they can imagine.

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ivivva stores and showrooms are community spaces that quickly transform with moveable fixtures to host complimentary events like dance, yoga, run clinics, and a variety of athletic classes so girls can try new activities, make new connections, and have fun. ivivva encourages girls to test out the gear they are trying on, and ivivva stores have the space to let them move and see how it feels, such as cartwheels, roundhouse kicks and pirouettes. ivivva currently has over 80 locations across North America.

Now that you are brought up to speed.  I would love to share with you our experience.  Back in April, I was invited along with my 3 girls to come in for a fit session and to tour the store.  My girls not knowing much about it, were so excited to be able to try on different athletic wear suitable to their needs and wants.  When we arrived we met Lisa and Michelle! They were absolutely wonderful and made us feel comfortable and excited to be there.


Right away the girls were told to walk around and pick one item they would like to try on first.


Upon selection, they immediately went into their assigned fitting rooms.  How cute and how personal is this?

Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Check out the rest of our experience!  I’ll let the pictures tell you the story!  They were also told to pick something out they think they would never wear and share why!  This was so good for them. 😉

Kelly’s Fitting Experience




This one above was the winner! 

Lyssa’s Fitting Experience




The one above was the winner!

Bethany’s Fitting Experience




The one above was the winner!

Here are pictures from the rest of our fitting fun at ivivva! Before leaving, the girls were also treated with yummy snacks and super cool ivivva tote bags.  Love it! They had a blast!





Thanks again, Lisa and Michelle!

For more information on ivivva visit: info.ivivva.com/novi/ivivva-twelve-oaks-mall

Instagram:  @ivivva_twelveoaksmall, #ivivva

Facebook – ivivva Twelve Oaks Mall

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