Champion BBQ Pitmaster Mike Peters Gives Grilling Tips for 4th of July

Champion BBQ Pitmaster Mike Peters Gives Grilling Tips for 4th of July


The 4th of July is the biggest grilling day of the year and the perfect opportunity to show off your skills at the grill. Grab your apron and treat your guests to a flavorful menu they will enjoy more than the fireworks display!

To help backyard chefs prepare an epic menu this 4th of July, Great American BBQ tour host Mike Peters took time out of his busy schedule to share his grilling expertise with tips and recipes for our Michigan Mom Living readers….including:

*Grill temperature

*Marinating ideas

*Meat selections to grill

*Greasing the grill ideas

Click the following link to hear the full interview:

With all these great grilling tips, you’re now ready to get the grill out and celebrate the 4th!  Enjoy everyone!

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More About Mike….

Mike Peters’ competition roots began in 2003 at the “Rock’n Ribs BBQ Festival” in Springfield, Missouri. Since then, he has built a resume that includes numerous category and event championships, including qualifying and competing in the prestigious “Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational.” Since 2008, Mike and his wife Christine have been traveling the country teaching festival attendees and fans about the “Gospel of Q” as the charming and affable hosts of the “Great American BBQ” tour. As tour hosts, they are the Kansas City Barbeque Society’s ambassadors to the world. During the past five years, the Peters’ have journeyed tens of thousands of miles across the nation and back, acting as the voice of KCBS and promoting BBQ while teaching professional grilling tips and tricks to millions of festival attendees. This is now their ninth year touring. Mike Peters has served on the KCBS board for four years and last year he was President.

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