Great Gift! ThermaCELL Heated Insoles and More

Great Gift! ThermaCELL Heated Insoles and More

I received a sample of the “Seasoned Classic ThermaCELL Heated Insoles” ($134.99 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.”


Some of the coolest, NEW gadgets this holiday/winter season are the Thermacell Bluetooth Heated Insoles and Heat Packs. Simply control the flow of heat to your feet with your phone! No more hunting for the remote in your pocket or bag!  This is the first product of this type to have its own app, improving usability and functionality. The ProFLEX Heavy Duty model provides up to 8.5 hours of warmth for your toes, has four settings with a removable battery and retails for $199. Providing more flexibility than our other models, our newest insoles are great for outdoor sports!

Heat packs can also be controlled by this free app that is available for your iPhone or android and can be quickly downloaded! This the easiest way to stay warm while enjoying the outdoors. The Thermacell Heated Insoles fact sheet is included on the link below and provides product info on all three types of ThermaCELL Heated Insoles: Original, ProFLEX and now ProFLEX Heavy Duty.


I received my heated insoles in August, but just couldn’t wrap my mind around using them until it got cooler here in Michigan.  Now, it’s November and it’s still pretty mild, here, but I thought I better get them out before the snow is flying.

The heated insoles come in all sorts of sizes…S – M – L – XL and XXL.  I opted for M since the size chart stated it was for a women’s shoe size 6.5-8.  When the heated insoles arrived, there also came a wireless remote control, recharging wall plug, instructions and a bag to store the insoles in (and of course ads for other ThermaCell products).  Each insole can be trimmed to fit your specific shoe as the insole of your shoe is required to take out before you put these heated insoles in.

Insoles can be turned on in the back of the insole or the remote can be turned on to medium or high.  The shoe I was placing the insole in felt very snug, but I’m sure all shoes are different as this was a slip-on type shoe.  Tie shoes and boots would be totally different.  Once the insole was turned on, it truly did keep my foot (feet) warm, not hot (as they mentioned in their advertising so the feet don’t sweat, then freeze).  This product warrants up to 5 hours of warmth per charge.   (There is also a car charger item that can be purchased separately that look like a good idea for travelers.)

The warmth seemed consistent and I just felt the “medium” heat was adequate for the warmth I needed.  Really seems like a great gift for those who work out in the cold weather or enjoy winter sports.  This style is quoted at $134.99….other models up to $199 (that even have Bluetooth options).  AND there’s other accessories like pocket warmers and hand warmers.  There’s something for sure you’ll find for those on your Christmas list this year within your budget.  I really have enjoyed these warmers so far and look forward to using them once the temps really dip down outside and I can put these insoles through the paces.


Thanks ThermaCELL for sharing some great gift ideas.

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Cynthia Tait

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