Travel Expert Sarah Gavin – Best Hotel Deals for Holiday Travel – Interview

Travel Expert Sarah Gavin – Best Hotel Deals for Holiday Travel – Interview

The last three months of 2016 can offer fantastic opportunities for great deals on hotel rooms around the world. This is great news for holiday travelers looking to get away this holiday season.

A recent trial search on a branded hotel chain for a long weekend trip to Paris yielded hotel rooms at six different properties. A similar search on yielded rooms at 1,800 different properties—most of which were at a lower price point than the alternative. It pays to shop around, and Expedia has tips on destinations where travelers can secure the most savings.

Trusted travel expert Sarah Gavin took some time out of her busy schedule to share in interview with Michigan Mom Living readers.  In her recent interview, she touched based on:

  • Last-minute hot spots for Thanksgiving travel and how to secure the best deals as you book.
  • Where to go and how to save on the top destinations for holiday travel this December.
  • Tips and tricks if you just want to get away this winter, including the best time to book a hotel.
  • Some of our favorite alternative destinations for holiday travel.


Check out Sarah’s entire interview here:

More about Sarah

Sarah Gavin has served as Expedia Inc.’s Vice President of Global Communications since February 2016, and has been with the company since 2011. Gavin currently runs internal, corporate and consumer communications for Expedia globally. Gavin holds responsibility for all public relations practices across more than 70 countries worldwide and its portfolio of online travel brands where Expedia operates. With a dedicated team of about twenty technology, corporate and consumer experts, Gavin leads media relations, influential programs across press, bloggers, key acquisitions and social media for the company across the globe.

Interview courtesy of Expedia

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