6 Simple Yet Very Effective Tips for Cleaning Your House Fast

6 Simple Yet Very Effective Tips for Cleaning Your House Fast

Most homeowners think that house cleaning is a chore that requires a lot time and effort. For them, it’s an activity that will take lots of precious hours and extra effort to finish and complete.

This kind of thinking is what makes them shy away from the idea of cleaning the house frequently. What they didn’t know is that, there are tips, tricks and hacks that can make home cleaning fast and easy.

De-clutter first before doing anything else.

Sort your stuff and throw or donate the things that you don’t use anymore. Old books, toys, clothes etc can be donated to a local charity. Check your drawers and cabinets and see what items can be taken out for good. This can give you great amount of extra space thus making the cleaning process way easier than you thought. If you need help in clearing up the clutter at the basement, check out this article. For kitchen de-cluttering, this one could help.

Clean the mess as they happen.

Don’t let the mess pile up before you start cleaning them out. Always remember the phrase “clean as you go”.  For example, you saw some muddy shoe prints at your floor; don’t let it sit there for hours or so, wipe it clean ASAP. For sure you now get the idea behind this tip. Always act fast or as soon as possible before things get worse.

Set a time limit.

Set a time limit for each and every room and stick to it, no matter what. This will help you finish a certain room first before jumping out to the next room or task. Knowing that you have a limited time to finish the task will keep you moving until you are done. Even if you don’t finish cleaning the room and the time runs out, you’ll feel great about the progress you had made. This can help you become more effective and efficient in cleaning the house.

Always start from the top.

Clean your house from top to bottom. You can start with your ceiling, then through your wall and finishing with the floor. You can also start with the top floor and end the cleaning process at your living room.

Use the right cleaning tools.

Before you start anything, make sure that you already have the right cleaning tools. You don’t want getting interrupted at the middle of your task just to buy a certain tool that you need to remove stubborn dirt and grime around your house. Follow this tip and you’ll surely save great amount of time cleaning the house.

Store your cleaning materials in easy-to-access location.

Make sure that your cleaning items and tools are stored in a convenient location.  For example, all bathroom cleaning materials must be stored inside or near your bathroom. This can make your cleaning process way easier and faster than before. Always think about convenience and how this can make the task less daunting and stressful.

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