A Child Unheard Foundation Strives to Make Christmas Dreams of Poverty-Stricken Kids a Reality

UK-based charity attempting to improve the lives of children around the world releases video of eight-year-old Ghana boy representing a horde of vulnerable youngsters.

England, United Kingdom – A Child Unheard Foundation (ACU), a charity dedicated to establishing centres in the UK, throughout Africa and beyond in order to provide safe havens and healing opportunities for young people and parents who have suffered unspeakable adversity, was recently involved in telling the heart-warming story of one such youngster living in poverty-stricken Ghana.

Jude Anum, an eight-year-old boy enduring the harsh reality of life in Ayenyah, was asked about his Christmas wishes – along with other children from his junior school – to which he responded with expressing his dreams of becoming a doctor.

Awestruck by his answer, representatives of ACU produced an impromptu video of Jude, who encapsulated the feelings of many vulnerable children in his part of the world.

With regard to the holidays, it was discovered that most youngsters from this region do not identify with the Christmas season in the same way those in the Western world do, and for most of them it’s not about traditional and tangible toys or gifts; almost all of these children regularly pray for a better life, education and health.

ACU is the brainchild of David Russell, a poet and a philanthropist who made his fortune in the logistics industry… who has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to helping children through his charity.

As Russell himself explains, “In our current turbulent times, people are struggling with depression, anxiety, bullying, abuse, addictions, war scars or hereditary issues, for which there is often nowhere to turn. It is with the support of our donors that our centres can be sustained, whether through fundraising activities, donations or getting involved to help spread the ACU message.

“The funds help provide the A Child Unheard centres with the resources required, such as books, food for the children and qualified teachers.”

With Jude hoping to continue his education in high school, the entire ACU staff was ecstatic about the video project in which this young man was documented sharing his aspirations.

“Our intention was to find out what the children in these centres felt about Christmas, but ended up being amazed that the majority of them never mentioned a single toy or gift,” adds Deren Stevens, marketing manager for A Child Unheard. “Their answers really stirred our emotions, and we decided to take the camera and begin filming one of these remarkable youngsters, who happened to be Jude.

“From there, a short film to boost the charity’s appeal was envisioned, and in many ways Jude has since become something of a spokesperson for this ‘huge-hearted’ foundation.”
ACU logo.gif
Jude’s ACU video can be viewed at https://youtu.be/ OJqKCSA6FUE with a JustGiving charity fundraising page dedicated to this, where anyone can help with donations or running fundraising campaigns: https://www. justgiving.com/campaigns/ charity/achildunheard/ givejudechristmas.

For more information visit www.AChildUnheard.com.

*Pictures courtesy of ACU

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